Production Lighting Services

Lighting is key to making music, stages and rooms come to life through visual representation via the vibrant colours on offer through our equipment. We work closely with clients, through the use of a dedicated Production Manager for every event to figure out what is best for their event; figuring out what colours an artist wants to go with certain songs or when in relation to a corporate event we are able to match the branding and colours of the company.

Highly Experienced

With an extensive array of lighting equipment on offer coupled with our highly experienced crew we can make any Show, Production or Conference come to life with the vast, vibrant and high quality lighting solutions we can provide.

Latest Equipment

All our lighting is controlled and programmed through the use of one of our Avolites Lighting Consoles. We are able to create new lighting designs for each different event and make each lighting design unique for our clients. We endevaour to make each and every production we work on have a unique touch to make it memorable for the client and audience as well as to keep our creative juices flowing.


Your lighting rig is amazing, such beautiful vibrant colours, strong beams of light and a little haze.

Elly Russel

Q The Music

Lighting was INCREDIBLE at we’re sure you’ll agree with all the photos!

Warren Ringham

Whether it’s a one-off event or a long-term theatre production, we will provide a hire package that suits your exact requirements.

Dedicated Teams

Our sales team is also highly experienced and technically proficient so therefore when speaking about your next event you can rest assured they will be able to ensure you have the equipment you need!

An Eye for Detail

Through careful planning, preparation and dedication to your event we deliver on time and on budget every time.